Convoy of Syrian troops arrives in Kobane | AFP

A convoy of Syrian troops arrives in the northern border town of Kobane as part of a deal that sees Damascus, Ankara and Moscow carve up the now-defunct Syrian Kurdish autonomous region. IMAGES

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Pentagon urges Turkey to halt Syria incursion

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said it was an “impulsive” decision by Turkish President Erdogan to invade northern Syria and it will further destabilize the region and put America’s Syrian Kurdish partners “in harm’s way”. (Oct. 11)

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Europeans on UN Security Council demand Turkey halt Syria offensive | AFP

The five European members of the UN Security Council call for Turkey to halt its offensive against Syrian Kurdish forces. “We call upon Turkey to cease the unilateral military action” says Jürgen Schulz, Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany to the United Nations. SOUNDBITE

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Fires blaze and smoke billows as night falls on Turkey-Syria border | AFP

Fires blaze and smoke rises from Syria after Turkey continues its assault on Syria’s Kurds. Turkey says its operation is aimed at pushing back Syrian Kurdish forces, which it considers “terrorists”, and establishing a “safe zone” to repatriate Syrian refugees. IMAGES

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Syrians flee after Turkish assault on Syrian Kurdish sites | AFP

Syrians flee the Syrian-Turkish border town of Ras al-Ain as smoke billows after Turkey launched an assault on Syrian Kurdish sites. IMAGES

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Syrian rockets kill two in Turkey as Ankara fights Kurd militia

Rockets fired from Syria killed at least two people and wounded at least 11 others on Wednesday in southern Turkey on the fifth day of Ankara’s offensive against a Syrian Kurdish militia which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to eliminate.

Turkish planes bomb Syrian Kurdish targets as Ankara-backed rebels enter Afrin

Turkey has begun a military operation on Syria’s Kurdish-held region of Afrin launching air strikes and cross-border shelling with a ground invasion expected on Sunday. READ MORE:


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Yazidi Refugees Escape Islamic State Fighters: The Battle for Iraq (Dispatch 6)

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Members of Iraq’s Yazidis sect follow an ancient religion, which incorporates elements of Islam and indigenous beliefs. After the Islamic State overran parts of northern Iraq, tens of thousands of Yazidis were forced into the Sinjar mountain range, where Islamic State militants — who consider the Yazidi devil worshippers — surrounded them.

President Obama claimed on August 14 that the US military intervention in Iraq broke the siege of the trapped Yazidi civilians in the Sinjar mountains. But the Yazidi themselves disagree. Instead, they are adamant that they owe their rescue from the surrounding Islamic State militants to the Syrian Kurdish fighters of the People’s Protection Units (YPG). The YPG has been fighting the Islamic State longer and harder than any other group in Syria, and pushed a narrow escape route deep through Islamic State territory to rescue the Yazidis.

VICE News travelled through the desert corridor to ascertain the true story of the Yazidis’ last minute escape from the Islamic State.

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