Damascus horse festival marks return to normalcy in Syria

Syrians ride their horses during the Al-Sham International Arabian Horse Festival in Damascus, as the country celebrates the evacuation day, commemorating the independence from the French mandate in 1946.

One Syrian family’s struggle to start afresh in France

The Al Fakhry family are refugees who have lived in the town of Quissac, in southern France, for the past two and a half years. Originally from Raqqa in Syria, grandparents Asaad and Shiar and three of their seven children were welcomed to the town by a couple of Protestant pastors in September 2016. The family, of Muslim faith, whose house and bookshop were destroyed, fled to Turkey in 2013 before Raqqa fell to fighters from the Islamic State group.

In Aleppo, the fate of a legendary hotel hangs in balance

For generations her husband’s family managed the iconic Baron Hotel in northern Syria, but after years of war the inn is empty and Rubina Mazloumian says she is too tired to carry on.

Army shelling kills 22 civilians in Syria’s Idlib

Bombardments hit the rebel-held village of Kafranbel in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib, killing 22 civilians, according to a monitor, the latest violence to threaten a seven-month-old truce. The ceasefire was brokered by the main foreign backers of the warring parties in September to head off a government offensive that prompted UN warnings of humanitarian disaster for the region’s three million residents.

IS ‘caliphate’ exodus overwhelms east Syria hospitals

Young children nursing severe facial burns, others suffering from malnutrition — an exodus of jihadist families and civilians from the Islamic State group’s vanquished final enclave is overwhelming eastern Syria’s hospitals. Most arrivals are women and children from Al-Hol, a camp for the displaced that has swelled far beyond its capacity to house more than 70,000 people during a months-long offensive against the last scrap of the jihadists’ “caliphate”.

11 on trial over deadly Saint Petersburg metro attack

After been postponed three weeks ago, the trial of eleven people allegedly involved in a Saint Petersburg metro bombing that killed 15 and injured dozens more begins in Russia’s second city. The bombing in April 2017 was claimed by a group linked to Al-Qaeda which said it was a message to countries engaged in war with Muslims, a reference to Russia’s military campaign in Syria. IMAGES of the accused in the dock

France’s Macron meets with King Abdullah II of Jordan

French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron welcome King Abdullah II of Jordan and Queen Rania to the Elysee palace. The two leaders are expected to discuss the situation in Syria, and in Israel and the Palestinian territories. IMAGES