Midnight Tyrannosaurus – Attack of The Giant Leeches (Figure Remix)

Forthcoming on the 29th of this month as part of the ‘Sweet tooth’ remix package!

“Sweetooth Remixes – Compilation”
01. The One From Dark (London Nebel Remix)
02. Marshland Marauder (Ponicz Remix)
03. The Man With The Strange Ring (Code: Pandorum Remix)
04. The Soul Scraper (SampliFire Remix)
05. Attack of the Giant Leeches (FIGURE Remix)
06. Deathmatch (ObeyDubz Remix)
07. Deathmatch (HAUNTA Remix)
08. Deathmatch (Krimer Remix)
09. Pillow Talk (Nostalgia Remix)
10. The Old Game (Spag Heddy Remix)
11. Revenge of The Meta Knight (The Frim Remix)
12. The Good, The Bad, and The Gecko (Axel Boy Remix)
13. Bunny Bass (Wikidill Remix)
14. Scream Squad (Dack Janiels Remix)
15. Scream Squad (XaeboR Remix)
16. Headzipper (Creation Remix)
17. HAL (Uber Remix)
18. The Statue Planet Scandal (Jam PRD Remix)
19. Moonajuana (P0gman Remix)
20. Basement Bitches (Phiso Remix)
21. The One From Dark (VIP)

Image: http://bit.ly/1TS1Uxy

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