Activist Greta Thunberg arrives for Sweden climate march

Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg arrives for a march in Stockholm as a global day of student protests that aims to spark world leaders into action on climate change is underway. IMAGES

Mini mice architecture draws crowds in Sweden

On a building on a street in Malmo in Sweden, built into the air vent at pavement level are two little pastel-coloured storefronts that would fit into a shoebox, the latest installation from the artist’s collective Anonymouse, known for its urban architecture for mice with intricate decor.

Sweden office workers relax with lunchtime icy swim

A group of employees at a company in Solna, part of the greater Stockholm area, take a dip into freezing water once a week. They are part of a small group of colleagues who head down to a body of water near their office for an icy swim during their lunch break before

Sweden: Stefan Lofven wins second term after months of wrangling

Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Lofven gives a press conference after being voted in for a second term, ending a four-month political vaccuum. Lofven will formally present his new minority centre-left government, comprising his Social Democrats and the Greens, and its programme on Monday.

Swedish lawmakers elect PM Stefan Lofven to second term

Sweden ends a four-month political vacuum by electing Prime Minister Stefan Lofven to a second term, after he elbowed out the far-right to save one of Europe’s few left-wing governments. IMAGES from inside the Swedish Parliament

Swedish ‘Museum of Failure’ features Trump board game

A psychologist opens a museum in Sweden celebrating products, innovations and services which failed to catch on.

Residents of Yemen’s Khokha hope ceasefire lasts

Residents of Yemen’s Khokha hope the ceasefire in Hodeida will last as it takes effect in the port city where a team including members of the warring sides prepare to monitor the UN-brokered truce agreed upon at talks in Sweden.

As Hodeida ceasefire nears, residents say they are “optimistic”

Yemen’s Hodeida residents say they are “optimistic” on the eve of the implementation of a ceasefire in the port city and its surroundings, after renewed fighting threatened the hard-won accord struck in Sweden.