Malaky & Satl – Her

Out 28th March on Soul Trader Records.

Malaky and Satl are back with their latest long-awaited collaboration, the Her EP on Surplus’ Soul Trader Records. Coming this March, the producers bring you not only the title track, but also the original and Silence Groove remix of the huge Dreams Are Gone.

Malaky is fresh from releases on esteemed labels like Celsius and Fokuz, and the DJ and producer is stepping up his game with the music on this EP. His Polish counterpart, Satl, has taken inspiration from the likes of Marky, Calibre and Intelligent Manners to produce high quality beats for Fokuz, Celsius, Innerground and Bassdrive. Together, they bring you the Her EP.

The title track displays all the warmth and dedication you would expect from both artists and label alike. A shimmering, pulsing opening soon moves into a vibrant liquid beat and atmospheric backdrops. Removed vocal samples vie for attention behind the drums, and then the bass rolls in. Emotional and soothing, there are marks of both producers’ sounds here. DJs will be all over this one, it’s perfect for the mix, sitting right on the groove of 2016’s liquid revolution. You’ll want to hear all about Her, courtesy of Malaky and Satl. Also watch out for a Zero T remix coming later in the year!



Soul Trader Records:

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