VICE News Daily: Stampede Kills Dozens in India

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Pro-government forces in Yemen recapture areas held by Houthi rebels, Hindu festival turns deadly in southern India, local efforts to fight desertification in Morocco, and the UN’s good news on HIV.

Government Loyalists Seize Territory From Houthi Rebels
Airstrikes forced them to retreat from Aden airport and the surrounding areas.

Stampede Leaves Dozens Dead and Injured
The incident occurred during a Hindu bathing festival in Andhra Pradesh.

Conservation Projects Fight Deforestation in Eastern Regions
Farmers and cattle grazers have been tasked with planting trees and other initiatives aimed at restoring damaged ecosystems.

UN Study Showcases Improved Outlook For HIV-Positive
Infection rates have decreased since the late 1990s, and life expectancy is 19 years higher than in 2001.

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