GONZO: We are all Florida man (E10)

GONZO reaches the end of their journey in the swampland in which America’s oldest continuous settlement resides – St. Augustine, Florida. Max and Stacy talk to a historian who tells them that much of ‘history’ is, in fact, the history of selling history. History, at least how it is taught at school, is often spun to put ourselves in the best light and so much of it is myth, or advertisement, rather than fact. But is erasing the negative truths about our history through tearing down monuments, for example, the best way to address the horrible things we have done as a nation? Or is providing context to historical texts, documents, buildings, and monuments a better idea? Confronting our history straight on and examining the consequences.

Max and Stacy also talk to a federal agent who says we need more dialogue over our shared history, no matter how bad it is, as a way to move forward rather than continuing to be stuck in the same partisan spot. Finally, Max and Stacy visit an alligator pit to understand the nature of the swamp that is at the heart of Trump’s America and the people, like Florida Man, who jump into that pit. The journey concludes with Max and Stacy chatting to ‘Hunter,’ a 2500-pound gator.

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