I ❤️ Drum & Bass – Spotify Playlist

Playlist Link: http://bit.ly/iluvdrumandbass

I LOVE DRUM & BASS represents an unprecedented act of unity and a coming together of labels across the entire scene. An acknowledgement of the genre’s diversity and multifaceted strengths by creating a definitive and continually updated present snapshot of its world of releases on Spotify.

Spanning all sub-genres and being inclusive of all labels that release drum & bass who wish to take part, the project stays true to the rich culture of a genre that grew its roots in a wide-ranging melting pot of ideas and that continues to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge electronica because of its inclusive and forward-thinking ethic.

The concept emerged in October 2017 on a special message board originally set up to celebrate Grooverider’s birthday, with DJ Fresh sparking a conversation about the importance of adapting to and embracing streaming platforms. This line of thinking inspired Simon Bassline Smith to come up with the concept of a definitive drum & bass playlist for everyone’s music to feature on as soon as it’s released. A playlist with all forms of drum & bass across the globe, self-organised by the scene itself and curated by the labels, with each picking 1 track per week, per release, for inclusion.

A project with no political or corporate agenda, that exists purely to provide a home for the definitive summary of this global movement. A place where fans of the genre can explore the diverse sonic landscape of the environment they love, or for those who want to explore the genre to immediately have access to the full spectrum on offer, without having to dig.

I ❤️ Drum & Bass represents an evolving attitude in one of the most consistent and present genres of club music, bringing a new unity and energy to the table that’s set to invigorate the genre yet further.

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