Mexican president urges Spain, Vatican to recognise ‘abuses’

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador reopens the debate over Spain’s centuries of dominance in the New World, urging Spanish King Felipe VI and Pope Francis to apologize for the conquest and the rights violations committed in its aftermath SOUNDBITE

Spanish PM and Peruvian president meet at Palacio de la Moncloa

Peru’s President Martin Vizcarra meets with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez at Palacio de la Moncloa during his three-day visit to Spain.

Former Spanish PM Rajoy arrives to testify in separatist trial

Spain’s former prime minister Mariano Rajoy, in power when Catalonia’s executive tried to secede, arrives at the Spanish Supreme Court in Madrid to testify in the trial of separatist leaders in a highly sensitive hearing just months before elections. IMAGES of Rajoy’s arrival at the Madrid Supreme Court

Rafael Nadal opens tennis academy in Mexico

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, currently world number 2, opens his second academy in Mexico’s Cancun.

Spanish PM calls snap elections for April 28

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez calls an early general election for April 28, the third in less than four years, after his draft budget was rejected in parliament over the Catalan secession crisis.

Adopt an olive tree — and breathe new life into Spanish village

Oliete, a tiny, 357-strong village in northeastern Spain, would likely have disappeared if it weren’t for olive trees. Thanks to a sponsorship system organised by residents, more than 7,000 trees have been given new life, attracting new families to this increasingly deserted rural area.