Spanish village purifies horses with fire in age-old ritual

The Spanish village of San Bartolome de Pinares holds its Luminarias festival, in which riders and horses burst through flames in an annual celebration thought to protect the animals from diseases and give their riders fertility. However, there are no written records of the origins of the festival and villagers have simply faithfully replicated the same annual routine for centuries.

Rescue mission for missing Spanish toddler continues

The rescue mission to save a two-year-old boy who fell down a well in southern Spain continues. Authorities say they have found several strands of his hair raising hopes of finding the toddler whose fate has gripped the nation for days.

Andalusia: Debate opens on regional coalition government

Andalusia’s regional parliament begins a two-day debate on the investiture of a centre-right government created with support from the far-right for the first time in Andalusia and in Spanish democracy. IMAGES of the Andalusia parliament

Picota & Kumbh – Before It Takes Down

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Axon Records welcome Spanish brothers and production duo Picota & Kumbh with their rolling single ‘Before It Takes You Down / Stiff’.

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Spanish ‘ghost towns’ slowly come to life

Concrete skeletons still haunt Spain, ten years after the 2008 global economic crisis caused a decade-long housing boom to go bust, bankrupting developers and leaving unfinished housing projects dotted across the country. But buoyed by Spain’s economic recovery some of these “ciudades fantasma”, or “ghost towns”, are slowly coming to life, such as Valdeluz near Guadalajara, some 60 kilometres (40 miles) northeast of Madrid.

Catalan separatists block road as Spanish cabinet meets

Catalan pro-independence groups block roads to protest a planned cabinet meeting in Barcelona chaired by a Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. The weekly cabinet meeting usually takes place in Madrid but Sanchez’s six-month-old Socialist government decided to hold it in the Catalan capital as part of its efforts to reduce tensions in Catalonia, which last year made a failed attempt to break away from Spain. IMAGES