Three astronauts on Soyuz craft successfully reach ISS

A Russian cosmonaut and two US astronauts arrive at the International Space Station aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, five months after the failed launch of a rocket carrying two of the passengers. IMAGES

International Space Station

Videographic illustrating the International Space Station. Astronauts who survived an abortive Soyuz launch said they were confident about their flight on Thursday to the International Space Station despite some last-minute malfunctions.VIDEOGRAPHICS

Soyuz rocket blasts off with French military satellite

A Soyuz rocket takes off from Kourou in French Guiana to put the French CSO-1 observation satellite dedicated to defense and security into orbit, according to a retransmission on the Arianespace site. IMAGES

International Space Station

Videographic illustrating the International Space Station. Russian spacewalkers cut samples of material around a mysterious hole in a Soyuz spacecraft docked on the International Space Station that a Moscow official suggested could have been deliberate sabotage.VIDEOGRAPHIC

Manned Soyuz rocket blasts off successfully

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko, Anne McClain of NASA and David Saint-Jacques of the Canadian Space Agency blasted off aboard a Soyuz from Baikonur in Kazakhstan to dock safely with the International Station for a six-and-a-half month mission.

Soyuz spacecraft successfully docks with ISS

The first manned Soyuz flight since a failed launch in October successfully docks at the International Space Station. IMAGES

Successful Soyuz launch sends 3 astronauts to ISS

(3 Dec 2018) Three astronauts have blasted off to the International Space Station, a successful launch that follows October’s aborted mission. Since the mishap, four successful Soyuz launches have been conducted to clear the path for the crew’s launch. (Dec. 3)

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