One-horse South African town still scarred by ‘racist’ murder

The fate of a small farming town in the north west of South Africa was changed irrevocably for R80 – or around five euros. It became the hotbed for racial tension in South Africa during 2017 when a black teenager was killed by two white men. Two years later the community is working on reconciliation, but it remains difficult in the ever-present light of glaring inequalities.

13 killed as church roof collapses in South Africa

The roof of a church collapsed during mass near the eastern South African city of Durban, killing 12 women and one boy and injuring at least 16.

Unemployment frustrates South Africa’s educated graduates

A quarter of a century into democracy and South Africans, even highly skilled individuals, are finding it hard to get jobs. Officially 27.1 percent of the country’s employable people are jobless, with the youth unemployment rate hovering at 53 percent, ranked among the highest in the world. With national elections upcoming, some feel like they have been duped into believing education is the answer to their poverty.

Crisis drives the S.Africa to Zimbabwe cargo shuttle

Zimbabweans transporting goods from South Africa, commonly referred to as “Malayitsha”, are seeing their businesses boom as a result of the price hikes on food and fuel in Zimbabwe. Malayitshas reside in South Africa and take orders from families in Zimbabwe, which they then buy, transport and deliver to the families’ homes on a weekly basis.

Pigcasso creates Swatch Watch’s best selling design

She’s already made waves in the art world and now the pig who loves to paint – also known as Pigcasso – is starting to hog the limelight in the fashion world too. Having had her artistic talents nourished by South Africa’s Farm Sanctuary where she was rescued as a piglet, Swatch Watches commissioned a design by Pigcasso and it’s become their best seller.

Today in History for March 21st

On this day in history Dr. Martlin Luther King, Jr. begins march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama; the Sharkville massacre in South Africa occurs; Wrongly incarcerated Randall Dale Adams is released from prison; Musician Johann Bach born. (March 21)

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