Banksy’s destroyed painting is put on display at German museum

Banksy’s partially destroyed painting “Love is in the bin” is put on display at the Frieder Burda Museum in Baden-Baden, Germany. The artwork which was partially destroyed during an auction at Sotheby’s, will be on display at the museum until next month. IMAGES of gallery staff hanging up the painting

Supreme skateboard collection auctioned for $800,000

A comprehensive collection iconic streetwear brand Supreme’s skateboards produced between 1998 and 2018 has been sold for a record $800,000 in on online auction held by Sotheby’s.

Moon rocks sell for $855,000

Three moon rocks brought to Earth nearly half a century ago and the only known documented lunar samples in private hands, sell for $855,000 in New York, says Sotheby’s.

Sale of shredded Banksy confirmed, work given new title

After street artist Banksy partially shredded one of his own works seconds after it was sold at auction there was uncertainty over what would happen next. But the buyer has confirmed the purchase for over one million pounds, while Banksy has given the ‘damaged’ work a new title, ‘Love is in the bin’. It has been shown again at Sotheby’s, who deny collusion with the artist.