Weber proud of Europe’s Christian values

A leading conservative candidate in the European Parliament elections that Europe should be proud of its Christian values. Speaking during a visit to Sofia, at a rally, Manfred Weber said: “It gives us also orientation for the future. We believe in these values.”

Sofia launches ‘Sofia’ jeans

“Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara launches all shapes, all sizes line of jeans online, including one pair named after herself. (Feb. 6)

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Bulgarian anti-corruption journalist brutally murdered

A candlelit vigil has been held in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, for an investigative journalist who was murdered in the country at the weekend. READ MORE:


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Bulgaria’s mentally ill battle for dignity

In the psychiatric hospital in Kurilo, in the mountainous countryside near the Bulgarian capital Sofia, around 100 patients languish on their beds amid dilapidated surroundings. Eleven of the country’s twelve public psychiatric hospitals are, like Kurilo, in remote locations, a legacy of the communist era when patients were hidden away lest they mar the image of a socialist paradise portrayed in official propaganda.

‘Invisible hands’ key to Sofia’s recycling battle

Bulgaria’s capital Sofia has an army of some 5,000 unofficial garbage recyclers, saving an annual 70,000 to 100,000 tonnes of recyclable materials from the mixed containers but citizens rarely appreciate their important role. An unusual new theatre performance seeks to change that. A voiced AFPTV report.

Grammy-winning Bulgarian folk choir returns with modern twist

Thirty years ago an all-female folk choir set up in Bulgaria became the darling of Western audiences with its tradition-steeped a cappella singing, before the fall of communism threatened its survival. The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices ensemble conquered the international charts during the Cold War at a time when world music was beginning to gain popularity. Now the Grammy-winning choir from Sofia is back, having teamed up with Australian-born Lisa Gerrard of the music group, Dead Can Dance.