Trump welcomes prime minister of Slovakia to WH

President Donald Trump met Friday with the prime minister of Slovakia. Peter Pellegrini is the latest central European leader to visit the White House as the U.S. works to curry favor in the region as a counterbalance to Russia and China. (May 3)

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‘Eat Nazis, not animals’: Protest against far-right party held in Slovakia

Protesters held an anti-fascist rally in Bratislava to denounce the Supreme Court’s decision to not dissolve the far-right political party ‘Kotleba- People’s Party Our Slovakia’ (LSNS).

Hundreds of protesters marched towards the SNP Square in central Bratislava with banners and signs reading: ‘They will not pass’ and ‘Eat Nazis, Not Animals’



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Meet the Slovak “Monsieur Tussaud”

Roman Bajzik is a 48-year-old opera teacher who moonlights as Slovakia’s very own Monsieur Tussaud. Figures on display at his mill-turned-gallery include the vampire Nosferatu, pope John Paul II and a mermaid from Slovak mythology.

Care workers cross Europe’s east-west divide

Every two weeks, Alena Konecna packs her bags to leave her own mother and daughter at home in Slovakia and travel some 400 kilometres (250 miles) across the border into Austria to take care of someone else’s mother. As citizens across the continent prepare to vote in May’s European Parliament elections, 40-year-old Konecna is an example of those who regularly take advantage of one of the EU’s most important pillars: the free movement of labour.

Slovakia: Zuzana Caputova casts vote in presidential runoff

Zuzana Caputova, the outsider facing the ruling party candidate in the presidential run-off, arrives at a polling station in Bratislava to cast her vote. The 45-year-old lawyer, environmentalist and community activist was largely unknown before she launched her presidential run, but she has skyrocketed in the polls on an anti-corruption ticket. IMAGES

Slovakian presidential candidate Caputova on campaign trail

Slovakian presidential candidate Zuzana Caputova met with supporters on her campaign trail in central Slovakia with the liberal anti-corruption activist expected to see a major victory in the European country’s presidential runoff on March 30.