Singapore zoo’s baby animals

The Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari and Singapore Zoo have reported some 540 animal births and hatchings in 2017, a quarter of them from threatened species.

Singapore Zoo’s elderly polar bear celebrates his 27th birthday

Singapore Zoo’s polar bear Inuka celebrates his 27th birthday, which is equivalent to more than 70 years in human terms, with a special jelly and salmon cake. The Arctic creature, who was born in the park, has been put on a special senior care programme and is on long-term glucosamine and anti-inflammatory medication for his arthritis.

Singapore zoo marks 44th birthday with feast for its orangutangs

The Singapore Zoo celebrates its 44th birthday with a durian feast for its orangutang family, who are seen as mascots of the park. Singapore zoo’s “open concept” home to more than 2,800 specimens and over 300 species, 26 percent of which are threatened, has attained a strong reputation internationally for its conservation initiatives and breeding programmes.