Signal x Culprate x Disprove – Triage

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Taken from the second sampler from the ‘Rampage 2019’ compilation album, Signal, Culprate & Disprove come together on ‘Triage’.

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Blackout Podcast 57 – Counterstrike [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around.

Mixed by Counterstrike


01. Counterstrike – Fear Division Destruction
02. Synthakt – Spiral View
03. Fortitude & Robyn Chaos – Broadmoor Blues (Counterstrike remix)
04. Black Sum Epire & State of Mind – Twisted
05. Fragz – As We Fight
06. Hybris & Gridlok – More Darker
07. Counterstrike – Stalker
08. Counterstrike – Shockwave
09. Freqax – Dark Times
10. Katharsys – Dead Never Stay Dead
11. Donny – Monster
12. Forbidden Society – Sellout
13. Pythius & Khronos – Warlock
14. Counterstrike – Rotten to the Core
15. Audio & Prolix – Creatures (feat. Nuklear)
16. Neonlight & Wintermute – Influx (Misanthrop remix)
17. Limewax – Galdilock Zone
18. Gancher & Ruin – The Chase
19. A.M.C & Six Blade – Rock ‘n’ Ride
20. Crissy Criss, Malux, Erb n Dub – Wonky
21. Rido – Cut the Midrange
22. Current Value – Orbital Decay
23. Proxima – Here We Go
24. Phace – Lit Up
25. High Rankin – Bow Or Burn
26. Limewax – Armagedong
27. Pythius – BBT (Current Value remix)
28. Billain – Jaws
29. Volatile Cycle – Subcurrent
30. Machine Code & Disprove – Signature
31. Dizkret – The Next World
32. Current Value – Impact
33. Counterstrike – Against The Grain
34. Counterstrike – The Signal
35. Fragz – Trigger Finger
36. Synthakt – Redshift


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Signal – Indirect

Released 8th January.

Lifestyle Music has always had the power to lift its listeners and raise its game. On its 53rd release, the London-based label welcomes the phenomenal Signal, who comes with Indirect and In Motion, two tracks which will further cement his ability, his vision and his music.

Indirect is everything you could hope for and more. From its ominous, creeping intro, Signal sets the scene. Drawing together both the electronic and the ambient, the producer injects his signature sound with enough room for expansion and growth. Things drop down into a harsh, minimal state, with pounding beats and sharp edges of ice and steel. You’ll be brought right into Signal’s world, never to escape. Samples complete the picture, as Indirect builds, taking a wide-angle lens to the past and the future.

In Motion, though, is darker, deeper still. Using headnodding drums, Signal sets the mood early, so get ready. Building things up slowly, he is simply laying the ground for the drop. Be sure to listen closely, there is more here than you can imagine.

The main elements on display are a bouncing bassline and insistent beats, but as on Indirect, the producer is creating whole worlds here. Able to draw from his influences whilst still sounding unique, Signal will be a force to be reckoned with in 2016. Slicing samples only add to things, as more elements are constantly revealed. New music for new minds in a new year, both Lifestyle and Signal are striving for something fresh, and very much achieve it on LFS053, Indirect / In Motion.



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SubOxyde – The Signal


Out now as part of the ‘Born Machine’ EP on Prime Audio!


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