Noisia Radio S02E40

This week in Noisia Radio; an exclusive new track by Sofie Letitre taken from our Division imprint, brand new Current Value music and more. Combined with your weekly dose of beats and bass.

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Current Value – Air Shift [CYBERFUNK]
Fourward – Quiet Creep [SHOGUN]
Survey – Monobrow [INVISIBLE]
Signal & Agressor Bunx – Isolation Cell [CRITICAL]
NickBee & Syze – We Fight [EATBRAIN]
NastyNasty – Advanced Chiropractic [SATURATE]
Misanthrop – Infinite Hysteria [NEOSIGNAL]
Alix Perez & Zero T – Enemy Of Reason [DISPATCH]
Survival – War [DISPATCH]
Two Fingers – Cashew Rhythm [DIVISION]
Ulterior Motive – Keep It Moving (Break Remix) [METALHEADZ]
Mean Teeth – Leviathan [SANTOKU]
Cousin Litt – Fear And Loathing In Reno [SOUNDCLOUD]
Skore – You Know [CO-LAB]
Gridlok – Insecticide [PROJECT 51]
Høst – Badder Than Dem. [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Question Time!
smurrie in een bak duwen.mp3
Mat Zo – Troglodyte [Mad Zoo]
Teebee – Metreon [SUBTITLES]
Sofie Letitre – Wonder When [DIVISION]

DarkstepWarrior Methlab Mix [Link Video]

Full mix:

I put together a brand new promo mix for the guys over at methlab, 40 minutes of no nonsense neurofunk…enjoy!


Agnostetics & Prophet – Fat Bastard
Tobax & Davip – Collisions
Inward, Hanzo & Randie – Jaws
A-Cray – Diverted (A.M.C Remix)
Synth Ethics – Syrius
Pythius – BBT (Current Value Remix)
Inward, Hanzo & Randie – N-Talk
Signal & Agressor Bunx – Isolation Cell
Neonlight – Rascals
A-Cray – Rage Quit
Merikan – End Of The Line
Numskull, Hanzo & Randie – Sajuuk
Emperor & Centra – Interstellar
Smooth – Tinnitus
Freqax – Twisted Vision
River Accorsi – Severe Trauma
Merikan – Degrees of Abstract v3
Noisia – Shaking Hands (Steelan Edit)
Disprove – Hyuman v1
Synth Ethics – Impulse Response
Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit (Kursiva Remix)

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