DBR UK – Dark Alley

Coming soon on Dispatch LTD…

Returning to Dispatch LTD after a string of successful and hard hitting releases, DBR UK are back to present their debut album, entitled ‘Rough Edges’.

The Luton based trio have been causing serious damage to sound systems worldwide since 2011. One of the first contributors to the Dispatch LTD series with the huge track ‘Fortress’ (including an even bigger VIP twist on the track), a subsequent MTWN collab ‘Shrapnel’ was recently followed by their hugely well-received and BBC Radio 1 air-played Say What You Want EP last August.

With a fresh batch of material prepared seemingly out of nowhere, at such a high quality and increasingly diverse level, the album plan quickly became a natural next step. Having developed a more versatile style over time, the signature rawness of their earlier tracks has remained a defining feature of the DBR UK sound, giving birth to the album title Rough Edges.





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