Armenian protesters blockade court buildings after PM’s call

Protesters blockade entrances to court buildings in the Armenian capital after Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan called for a demonstration against judges he accuses of political bias. Pashinyan on Sunday called on Armenians to “blockade court buildings across the republic” after a Yerevan court released former president Robert Kocharyan from pre-trial detention. The symbolic protest comes as Pashinyan tries to consolidate power in the ex-Soviet country a year after leading a popular revolt against former president Serzh Sarkisian and corrupt elites. IMAGES

Opposition supporters rally in Yerevan’s Republic Square

Thousands of opposition supporters rally in Yerevan’s Republic Square as opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan warns lawmakers in parliament of major unrest if they do not elect him prime minister. Moscow-allied Armenia has been in the clutches of a severe political crisis for the past few weeks, with Serzh Sarkisian stepping down last week after a decade in power in the face of major protests in the impoverished South Caucasus nation.

Armenia’s opposition leader holds rally in ahead of PM vote

Armenia’s opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan holds a rally in Yerevan ahead of a key parliamentary vote to elect the country’s new prime minister after veteran leader Serzh Sarkisian was ousted last week. IMAGES of Nikol Pashinyan leading the rally

Armenians react to political turmoil gripping their country

Armenians react to the political turmoil gripping their country as demonstrations against leader Serzh Sarkisian continue. Sarkisian stormed out of talks with anti-government protest leader Nikol Pashinyan on the tenth days of mass rallies against his rule.

Armenia anti-government protests enter 7th day

Anti-government protests in the Armenian capital Yerevan against ex-president Serzh Sarkisian’s election as prime minister enter their seventh day, with police detaining dozens of demonstrators. The protesters took to the streets at the call of lawmaker and opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan.