Former Kosovo PM Haradinaj arrives at special war crimes court | AFP

Ramush Haradinaj, who resigned as Kosovo’s Prime Minister, arrives at the Kosovo special court in The Hague to be questioned on suspicions of war crimes. Jakup Krasniqi, former president of Parliament and former spokesman for the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK), is also appearing at the tribunal. The EU-backed special war crimes court for Kosovo was established in 2015 to try war crimes allegedly committed by ethnic Albanian guerrillas against minority Serbs and Roma and local Albanian political opponents during and immediately after the 1998-1999 independence war against Serbia. IMAGES

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With no sea, regatta on Drina is equally good for Serbs | AFP

Having no natural access to sea does not stop Serbs from organising a regatta: thousands this weekend board a motley fleet of craft floating on river waters for the “Regatta on Drina”.

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Bosnian ‘Srebrenica defender’ acquitted of war crimes

Former Bosnian military commander Naser Oric, hailed by supporters as the heroic “defender of Srebrenica”, is acquitted of war crimes during the country’s 1990s conflict. The ruling sparked mixed reactions in the country deeply divided along ethnic lines — slammed by ethnic Serbs as an “amnesty for war crimes” and welcomed by Muslims as the “final victory of justice”. IMAGES

Lake Gazivode, troubled waters between Kosovo and Serbia

Controlled by Serbs but a key resource for Kosovo, the cool blue waters of Lake Gazivode reflect the chilly relationship between the former war foes over their contested border. The 24-kilometre (15-mile) reservoir straddles the frontier separating Serbia and Kosovo, still locked in a diplomatic dispute 20 years after an ethnic rebellion split them apart.

Three things we learned on June 22 at the World Cup

Brazil left it very late, but posted their first win of the World Cup thanks to Philippe Coutinho and Neymar to go top of Group E. Work still needs to be done for the five-time world champions to make the last 16, but a point in their final game against Serbia will do after the Serbs lost 2-1 to Switzerland. In group D Ahmed Musa struck twice to hand Nigeria a 2-0 win over Iceland and keep Argentina’s chances of qualifying alive before the two sides meet in Saint Petersburg next week.

Mostar unbridged ahead of last UN Bosnian war verdict

A symbol of Bosnia’s devastation in the 1990s war, Mostar’s iconic Ottoman-era bridge was later rebuilt to its former glory. But residents of the southern city remain sharply segregated by ethnicity with Mostar’s main boulevard acting like a border between its two main communities: Bosniak Muslims on the east side and Catholic Croats on the west. Their division is a legacy of Bosnia’s “war within a war”, which saw Muslims and Croats turn on each other in 1993 after initially fighting together against Serbs.

Mladic trial is drawn out, aimed to demonize him & Serbs – analyst

The former Bosnian Serb military leader, Ratco Mladic, has been sentenced to life in prison by the UN tribunal in the Hague.
The 74-year-old was found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity during the Bosnian War in the 1990s. Up to 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were slaughtered by forces under the general’s control.
RT talked to political analyst John Bosnitch.


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VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – June, 24 2014

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Pakistani riot police clash with supporters of anti-Taliban cleric, tensions escalate in northern Kosovo between local Albanians and Serbs, British MP says ISIS has recruited up to 1500 British Muslims, and Doctors Without Borders warns West Africa ebola outbreak is ‘out of control’.

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Police Clash With Cleric’s Supporters in Islamabad
The plane carrying Tahir ul-Qadri was diverted to Lahore due to security concerns.

Protest Reignites Ethnic Tensions in the North
The dispute is over the blockade of a bridge by Serbs refusing to integrate with the Albanian majority.

Politician Says ISIS Has Recruited as Many as 1500 Britons
Britain’s anti-terror chief initially reported the Al Qaeda offshoot had successfully recruited 500 Muslims.

Ebola Epidemic is ‘Out of Control’
Doctors Without Borders warns governments and aid agencies must spend massive resources to stop the virus from spreading.

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