Serbia’s first #MeToo trial proves a lonely path | AFP

After reporting the mayor of her southern Serbian town for sexual assault and harassment, Marija Lukic is now battling angry mobs of men outside court, local power politics and an entrenched patriarchy as she seeks justice in the country’s first high-profile #MeToo trial.

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New bust of former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright unveiled in Pristina | AFP

A new bust of former US Secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, is unveiled in Pristina, with Albright and former US President Bill Clinton attending, as Kosovo thanks the West for the NATO intervention 20 years ago that ended its separatist war with Serbia and cleared a path for independence. IMAGES

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Serbian village celebrates “Stork Day” | AFP

Taras, a village in Serbia’s province of Vojvodina, celebrates “Stork Day” to promote awareness and environmental education about storks, the symbol of the village which is home to the largest number of pairs of these migratory birds in the country. In 2019, the usual number of around 30 – 40 pairs of storks dropped to 25.

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Serbian prisoners and pups give each other a new lease on life | AFP

Dusan and Cupko both lost their way in life before finding themselves behind bars in Serbia’s largest prison. Now the pair — one a 49-year-old inmate and the other a shaggy mutt — are hoping to leave together thanks to a programme that matches prisoners with stray dogs and prepares both for a second chance.

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Leaders pose for family photo at Balkan summit in Berlin

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel pose with Balkan leaders at a summit where they call on Serbia and Kosovo to resume their dialogue before any progress is made on a possible EU membership. IMAGES of the family photo

Merkel welcomes Macron in Berlin for Balkan summit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomes French President Emmanuel Macron in Berlin for a Balkan summit aimed at bringing bitter foes Serbia and Kosovo back to the negotiating table, hoping to reboot a dialogue over one of the Balkans’ thorniest disputes. IMAGES of Emmanuel Macron’s arrival

The Serbian who downed a US stealth jet and befriended the pilot

Twenty years ago, as a Yugoslav army commander, Zoltan Dani achieved a miraculous military feat: wielding outdated missile equipment, his army unit shot down an American F117 “stealth fighter”, deemed almost invisible to radar, flying over Serbia as part of NATO’s 1999 air strike assault. But in perhaps an even more remarkable twist, the retired army officer is now close friends with the American pilot whose Nighthawk he brought down.

Serbian victims of NATO’s deadly “mistakes” feel forgotten

On the outskirts of the Serbian town of Surdulica a black cross looms above a grave almost completely covered in a tangle of weeds — the final resting place of civilians killed 20 years ago by NATO bombs. The quiet, mountain-ringed town of some 18,000 people suffered the most civilian casualties — nearly 30 — during NATO’s three-month air assault on Serbia, which kicked off 20 years ago this Sunday and ultimately ended Belgrade’s war with Kosovo.