The Senegalese TV show dividing the nation | AFP

In conservative Senegal, a controversial TV show has the self-described monitors of public morality in uproar. But the defenders of ‘Mistress of a married man’ say the soap takes a much needed look at relationship issues such as male abuse, the pain experienced by abandoned spouses, and a woman’s right to sexual pleasure.

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Citizens lead the fight against waste in Senegal | AFP

On the beaches of Dakar, several volunteers collect garbage in response to a challenge launched by Senegalese President Macky Sall during his inauguration in April 2019: a “zero waste” Senegal.

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Supporters of Senegal’s Macky Sall celebrate in Dakar HQ

Supporters of Senegal’s newly re-elected President Macky Sall celebrate in his campaign headquarters and on nearby streets in Dakar. Figures released by the National Vote Counting Commission (CNRV) showed Sall won Sunday’s first round outright, picking up 58.27 percent of the vote.

Senegal presidential election: vote counting process ongoing

In Senegal, the National Voting Registration Commission (CNRV) examines voting materials following the presidential election which took place across the country’s 45 departments. The commission has until Friday to publish the provisional results. IMAGES