Senators wrestle with rebuke of Saudis

(6 Dec 2018) Senators are considering multiple pieces of legislation to formally rebuke Saudi Arabia for the slaying of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Momentum is building for a resolution that would call the Saudi crown prince “complicit” in the killing. (Dec. 6)

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Saudi Arabia launches its first TV singing competition

Young Saudis, both men and women, take part in a new singing competition show, “Saudi Star”, on Saudi Arabia’s new public TV channel “SBC”. Fitting into Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s bold reformist drive and branded the channel aims to appeal to young people and project a modern vision beyond Saudi Arabia’s borders, with exclusive content including films, talk shows and cooking programmes.

US to give Saudis a pass even if Crown Prince behind murder

President Donald Trump says he will not let the Khashoggi killing derail the US-Saudi relationship.