Young girl’s tragic story makes her symbol of Yemen war

Buthaina Mansur al-Rimi’s life has changed drastically since last year — orphaned in Sanaa, the little girl controversially ended up in Saudi Arabia for medical care and has just returned to Yemen’s capital. Her entire immediate family was wiped out in an air strike by a Saudi-led coalition that backs Yemen’s government, using an explosive device Amnesty International says was made in the US.

Tales of displaced Yemenis: two camps, same tragedy

For many families in Yemen, the war has not only stripped them of their livelihoods, homes and belongings but something far more valuable: their dignity. Two million people have been displaced by the conflict between the government, backed by a Saudi-led military coalition, and the Iran-aligned Huthi rebels.

One Doctor’s Desperate Attempt To Save Yemen’s Starving Children (HBO)

At least 85,000 children under the age of five may have died as a consequence of extreme hunger or disease since the Saudi-led coalition began its offensive in Yemen. VICE News spends the day with one doctor in one of the country’s poorest districts, where at least one in six children is severely malnourished.

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Pompeo: No intel link between prince, Khashoggi

(28 Nov 2018) Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he’s seen “no direct reporting connecting the Crown Prince” of Saudi Arabia to Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. Pompeo also urged senators to support U.S. involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen. (Nov. 28)

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Residents in Yemen’s Hodeida call for the end of the war

Residents in Hodeida call for the war to end after nearly four years of conflict in Yemen, home to what the UN calls the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe. Clashes halted near the rebel-held port of Hodeida, following intense conflict between government loyalists supported by a Saudi-led coalition, and the Iran-backed Huthi rebels from the Red Sea city, whose docks are a lifeline to 14 million Yemenis at risk of starvation.