Can This Grassroots Movement Stop the Rise of the Far Right in Italy?

Italians are going to the polls in seven regional elections this month. The regional elections will be a test to see if Matteo Salvini’s Far-Right League Party will take over in traditional left-leaning strongholds.

In January, before Italy was the epicenter of Europe’s COVID-19 crisis, VICE News traveled to Emilia-Romagna to meet the Sardines, a left-leaning, grassroots movement that played a role in preventing the League from winning. It meant Salvini, didn’t have the power call for early national elections like he hoped. But with Italy facing another round of regional elections in September many are asking if the Sardines will be able to stop the League again. 

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Sardines movement rally in Bologna ahead of regional elections (2) | AFP

The anti-fascist movement “The Sardines” hold a rally in Bologna, a week before regional elections in Emilia-Romagna. IMAGES

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Italy’s youth-driven anti far-right Sardine Movement rally in Rome | AFP

Members of Italy’s youth-driven Sardine Movement rally in Rome, in their bid to further shake up the country’s politics and battle xenophobia. The “Sardines” have become a symbol of protest against the far-right firebrand leader Matteo Salvini, who served as interior minister and deputy prime minister in Italy’s previous coalition government and cracked down on immigration. IMAGES

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