The end of Christmas for Brazil’s Santa impersonators

Santa Claus impersonators gather in Rio de Janeiro for an event called “Barbas de Molho” (“Beards at rest”), where they trim their beards to mark the end of the duties after the Christmas celebrations.

On Christmas Eve, Trump questions child about belief in Santa

Fielding a phone call from a seven-year-old on Christmas Eve, US President Donald Trump puts himself on Santa Claus’s naughty list by raising doubts about his existence.

Santa sends Christmas message from Lapland

(24 Dec 2018) As Santa Claus prepares to deliver presents to good little girls and boys around the world, he’s making a stop in Santa Claus village in the Finnish town or Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, to deliver his own Christmas message. (Dec. 24)

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Palestinians dressed as Santa Claus protest in Bethlehem

Palestinian activists dressed as Santa Claus and carrying Palestinian flags protest near an Israeli military checkpoint in Bethlehem. They distribute sweets to Palestinians working in Israel who are crossing the checkpoint back to Bethlehem.

History of Father Christmas

The Father Christmas we know today didn’t always look the same…legend has it that the man also known as Santa Claus was originally a bishop called Saint Nicolas from Myre, now part of modern-day Turkey.VIDEOGRAPHIC

Mexican mansion gives all to spread Christmas spirit

Santa Claus delights visitors at an old Mexican mansion decorated to spread the holiday cheer.

In Kosovo running Santas raise money for needy in mini-marathon

Hundreds of runners dressed in Santa Claus costumes race through Pristina’s streets in a mini-marathon raising money for families in need during the holiday season.