Judge Who Gave 6-month Sentence To Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Could Be Recalled For It (HBO)

Two years ago last week, Stanford freshman Brock Turner was sentenced to six months in county jail after a jury convicted him of sexually assaulting a drunk, passed-out woman.

That verdict sparked national outrage, and in Santa Clara County, California, a pitched effort to recall Judge Aaron Persky at the ballot box.

Much of the country has moved on from Brock Turner and his crime. Those who remember it, remember a bad judge making a bad decision and that’s about it. But in Santa Clara county, the debate has changed into something different — an argument about how best to correct a mistake.

On both sides of the recall question you’ll find county leaders who hate the sentence. Recall supporters say they’re exercising their democratic rights. Opponents say a recall will endanger judicial independence and ensure that there are more bad sentences, not fewer.

VICE News spent the last weekend of the recall campaign in Silicon Valley, home of Stanford — and the case that made national headlines in 2016.

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