Noisia Radio S02E23

This week in Noisia Radio; the exclusive first play of ‘Anomaly’ by ourselves and the announcement of our ‘Outer Edges’ show. Besides those we have a new Invisible premiere and Walter tells the story of how Skrillex helped him pick his glasses.

‘Outer Edges’ info and dates:

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Noisia – Anomaly [VISION]
Subp Yao & Yunis – . [SOUNDCLOUD]
Kolectiv – Closer To The Fire (Alix Perez Remix) [VANDAL]
Sinic – Drag&Drop [FLEXOUT]
Ivy Lab – Salt Toffee [20/20]
A.M.C. & Six Blade – Rock ‘n’ Ride [TITAN]
Sumthin Sumthin – Marble [SOUNDCLOUD]
Kije & Jay Mythix – Perebor [INVISIBLE]
Nickbee – Resistance [IGNESCENT]
Rare Logic & Mo Vibez – Razor [SOUNDCLOUD]
Noisia & The Upbeats – Inverse [VISION]
Agressor Bunx – Time Shift [PROGRAM]
Hydro & Kolectiv – Mistrust [HORIZONS]
hoestende hond in een grot.mp3
Question Time!
ChaseR – First Encounter [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Limewax – Agent Orange [L/B]
Mefjus – Surrounded [CRITICAL]
Nekolye – Breathe [SOUNDCLOUD]
Arkaik – Steve [DISPATCH]
Flume – Wall Fuck [TRANSGRESSIVE]