Iraqi resort a macabre emblem of war and state decay

In the 1980s, Iraq’s Lake Habbaniyah was a tourist hotspot, popular with wealthy newlyweds and so luxurious it was even a haunt of dictator Saddam Hussein and his fearsome entourage. But like much of Iraq, this oasis — located between Fallujah and Ramadi — has fallen into disrepair since the US-led military coalition toppled Saddam 15 years ago.

‘Freudian slip’ US VP Biden calls Syrian president ‘Saddam’ talking about Assad

US Vice-President Joe Biden has mistaken Syrian President Bashar Assad for Saddam Hussein when arguing that he must go. The gaffe adds to a growing log of Freudian slips by the American elite, but also suggests the US may be losing its temper on Mideast affairs. READ MORE:


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