Hundreds of dogs destined for slaughterhouse rescued in S.Korea

A rescue operation to save hundreds of dogs in South Korea from the slaughterhouse begins, as pressure mounts on the country to end its custom of killing canines for meat.

Kim shoots Trump dead in S. Korea art satire

An satirical installation art exhibition in Seoul shows Kim Jong Un, a smoking pistol in his hand, looking down at the dead body of Donald Trump, sprawled on a red carpet next to a metal bag overflowing with US dollars.

S. Korea cab drivers protest Uber-like ride share app

Tens of thousands of taxi drivers in South Korea go on a nationwide strike, snarling up traffic in Seoul, in the latest protest at a planned Uber-like ride-sharing service.

S. Korea’s Moon still hopes to host Kim this year

South Korean President Moon Jae-in says North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could still visit Seoul for the first time in the next few weeks, describing the possible trip as a major boost in efforts to make the peninsula nuclear-free.

Mickey Mouse wraps presents for S. Korea’s children in need

Child Fund Korea and Disney team up to prepare Christmas presents for 500 children in need around Seoul on Mickey Mouse’s first official visit to the South Korean capital, with gifts ranging from stationery products, umbrellas to vitamin tablets. The collaborative event is part of the Disney character’s 90th anniversary celebration.

S. Korea successfully tests space rocket engine

South Korea successfully conducts a rocket engine test launch, officials say, paving the way for the development of its own space launch vehicle.

S. Korea’s Moon visits Arc de Triomphe in Paris on Europe tour

South Korean President Moon Jae-in attends a ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris ahead of a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. Moon is set to lobby for North Korea’s Kim Jong Un on a seven-day Europe tour that will see him also stop in Rome, Brussels and Copenhagen. IMAGES

Thousands of couples attend mass wedding in S. Korea

Thousands of Unification Church couples marry at a mass wedding in Gapyeong, South Korea. The ceremony coincides the sixth anniversary of the death of founder and self-proclaimed messiah Sun Myung-moon.

Protest after S. Korea politician acquitted in sex abuse case

People protest after a former South Korean presidential contender was found not guilty on all charges in a trial stemming from allegations he raped a female aide several times, prompting immediate controversy.