Hexus – Stress Tactics

Out on Overtech Recordings 002 with “Ryu” !

Another upload for the mastered version of this killer track !

Grab it : http://www.juno.co.uk/products/1691341-02.htm




As you can see i didn’t post any artwork with this tune, instead of this you can enjoy this sweet logo made by the mighty Billain 🙂

There’s a reason for this, the channel is now fully official, by this i mean that i only upload what producers and labels give me now to avoid any copyright issues. I really had pleasure to search and select all this pics, but unfortunately i never had any approval to use all this kickass artworks and it would take me too much time to ask to every artist. So by now i’ll only put NFG logos on the vids and i’ll slowly remove my previous vids (don’t worry i’ll up again all the tunes i can !).

This is one of the obligatory step i need to follow if i want to continue working properlly with artists and labels without getting any copyright infrigement, i’m sure nobody would like to see NFG taken down because of this so i trully hope you understand my position 🙂


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If you are a producer looking for some promotion and if you think your tracks are good enought to be posted here feel free to send me your works, I’ll give a listen to every track !

NFG Talents Mix 002 by GRINteck

This is finally here ! It took some time but i’m gonna try to release the next ones on a more regular bases 🙂

This mix comes from an upcoming producer, GRINteck, you might have hear his collab with Kung “40hz” on the channel, he brought us a very dark beast, with a bit of dubstep and an awesome intro !


Full mix here ! http://soundcloud.com/neurofunkgrid/nfg-talents-mix-002-grinteck
Download link : http://dnbshare.com/download/NFGTalentsMix002_GRINteck_.mp3.html

Tracklist :

1: GRINteck + Aphonic – A Thousand Nights (Dub)
2: Sub Mass – Wiis (Ammunition Dub)
3: Nasty Genius – I’m Burning (Ammunition Dub)
4: DaVIP – Napalm (C2D Dub)
5: Hexus – Ryu (Overtech Dub)
6: High Maintenance ft. Overdose – All Between (Incognito Records)
7: Sinister Souls – Ascension (Mindtrick Dub)
8: GRINteck + Kung – 40Hz (Dub)
9: Qo – Chicago (Dub)

10: Triggy – Mechalion (Sinister Souls rmx) (Analogic Dub)
11: GRINteck + Qo + Zero Sun – Pleasure and Pain (C2D Dub)
12: Iron – Zombine (Ammunition Dub)
13: Telekinesis – Machines (Viper Dub)
14: NRanges + Uberman – Power Extract (Overtech Dub)
15: Nais – Destroy The Frontiere (Overtech Dub)

16: Machine Code – Recoded (PRSPCT)
17: Meth – Narler (PRSPCT)
18: Future Signal – Dissident (Sinuous)
19: Quadrant – Mascara (Citrus)
20: High Maintenance – Try Me Again (Bad Taste Dub)
21: Lucio de Rimanez + Cooh – Each Of Us (PRSPCT)
22: SPL + Eye-D – Pyramid Punk (Lost Soul)
23: Limewax – Jupiter (L\B)
24: YMB – Jump (Dub)
25: Desimal – Afterlife (Fokuz)

Don’t forget the aim of this mix series, discovering new talents, so keep sending me your demos, i’m receiving a lot of stuff so sometimes i can’t answer to everyone but i listen to all your tracks, you can be chosen to do a mix too !

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Artwork by : http://tim-reaper.daportfolio.com/

Hexus – Ryu [Overtech Recordings]

You remember Hexus ? The one who shakes your brain with his tune “Stress Tactics” ! He’s back with the flipside …

Out on Overtech Recordings, go buy it :


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