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This week on Africa Weekly, we meet some of the Rwandans working tirelessly for reconciliation, 25 years after the country’s genocide, and we travel to a camp in Rwanda where former militiamen who took part in the killings have returned after years in exile. FOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLY

Rwanda’s genocide past lies heavy on its youth

Young Rwandans, born during the 1994 genocide or soon after, speak of how this traumatic period has cast a shadow over their lives, despite the fact that they did not directly experience it. The two-thirds of the population born in the wake of the slaughter face a burden of their own, having grown up in the shadow of unspeakable atrocities, and carrying the weight of expectations of a brighter future.

Rwanda’s Kagame holds rally ahead of presidential elections

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame holds a rally in Gakenke ahead of a presidential election on Friday. Kagame remains popular with Rwandans, who see him as a guarantor of stability after his military victory brought an end to the 1994 genocide. IMAGES