Several arrests at demonstration against Ponomarev’s detention

Russian police arrests demonstrators who gathered in front of the FSB building to protest against the detention of a prominent 77-year-old human rights activist, Lev Ponomarev, and the ‘arbitrariness’ of Russian security forces. The ‘March for peace’ that was supposed to take place instead was not authorised by Moscow’s government. IMAGES of protesters getting arrested

AP Top Stories December 13 P

(13 Dec 2018) Here’s the latest for Thursday, December 13th: Russian spy in court; Senate vote on Yemen; Australia FM talks Rohingya with Aung San Suu Kyi; Christmas money miracle.

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Russia’s young creators search for the thread of history

They are young designers but the techniques they use to create their fabrics come from Russia’s distant past. In her small workshop in the rooftops of Moscow, Maria Andrianova focuses on making a sewing point learned from grandmothers in Karelia, in northwestern Russia. Youkhan Nikadimus decided to devote himself to the creation of “kokochniki”, traditional headdresses from Russian folklore. These young Russian creators are trying “to bring pieces of history back to the modern world.”

International Space Station

Videographic illustrating the International Space Station. Russian spacewalkers cut samples of material around a mysterious hole in a Soyuz spacecraft docked on the International Space Station that a Moscow official suggested could have been deliberate sabotage.VIDEOGRAPHIC