Noisia Radio S02e22

This week in Noisia Radio; new Agressor Bunx, a Blackout anniversary remix, several beats we can break our neck to and Nymfo asks us an important question in Question Time!

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Agressor Bunx – Club Shake [IGNESCENT]
Ivy Lab & Alix Perez – Fortuna [2020]
Signal – Indirect VIP [LIFESTYLE]
Vacuum – Windshield [ANIMATED]
Neonlight & Wintermute – Influx (Misanthrop Remix) [BLACKOUT]
Kursa – Stuttererer [DUB]
Arkaik – No Playing [DISPATCH]
Misc.Friend – Unlucky [SOUNDCLOUD]
Audio – Botfly [VIRUS]
Emperor – Foxholes [CRITICAL]
G Jones & Sayer – Who Runnin Em [SOUNDCLOUD]
Transparent & C-side – Amorous (Euph Remix) [FLEXOUT]
Noisia & Phace – Imperial [VISION]
broken techno dinges COME ON DAN.mp3
Question Time!
Ed Rush & Optical – Sick Note [VIRUS]
Richie Brains – Tantrum [EXIT]
Ulterior Motive – Longshot [METALHEADZ]
Like Lions – Warhorns [DIE HIGH]
Still – Residual Effect [LISTENER SUBMISSION]

Hospital Podcast 185 LIVE with London Elektricity from Hospital HQ

Hospital podcast 185 with London Elektricity LIVE from 16:00 BST on the Hospital YouTube channel. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE!

iTunes Podcast:

1. Gridlok – Here to Wherever
2. Fracture – The Breaks
3. S.I.N – Hutch
4. Foreign Concept & Riya – Affliction
5. Optiv & CZA – In Too Deep
6. Enei – Runnin feat Georgie Yates
7. Metrik – Drift
8. Nu:Logic – St Pauls
9. Break – Love So True
10. Raiden – Dove From Above ft Close
11. Quantax – Untold
12. Judda – Bright Sky
13. Blokhe4d & Receptor – Bass Dust
14. Sub Zero – Digital Blues
15. Jenna G – In Love
16. Loxy & Resound – Tropapause
17. Martsman – Mersana
18. Tokyo Prose – Raised By Wolves
19. Natalie Duncan – Find Me A Home – Ulterior Motive Remix
20. Electrosoul System – Adventure of the Space Mantra
21. Enei – Machines
22. S.P.Y – You

Dimension – Children

Available to buy now exclusively on Drum&BassArena 2012! iTunes (Download): HMV (2xCD):
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Dimension’s latest track ‘Children’ – as picked by Zane Lowe as one of his “Next Hype” tracks on Radio 1. Available to buy exclusively on Drum&BassArena 2012

Full Drum&BassArena 2012 Tracklist
CD 1:
1) Friction vs Camo & Krooked (feat. Dynamite MC) – Stand Up (Sigma Remix)
2) TC – Tap Ho
3) Hamilton – Rich Kids
4) Sub Zero & Supreme Being (feat. Grimm) – Why Can’t You See
5) Noisia – Tommy’s Theme (Loadstar Remix)
6) Wickaman & SuddenDef – Loud & Nasty
7) Harvest – Evidence
8) Serial Killaz – Cycles Of Time
9) Krome & Time – Ganja Man (Total Science & S.P.Y Remix)
10) Bladerunner – Back To The Jungle VIP
11) Serum – Look Sharp
12 DJ Nut Nut (feat. Top Cat) – Special Dedication (Sigma Remix)
13) DJ Oder – Rock The Place
14) Interface – Desperate Measures
15) TC – Psyco
16) Crystal Clear & Zen – Heavy VIP
17) Rene LaVice — Headlock
18) Coda – Shodan
19) Optiv & BTK (feat. Ryme Tyme) — Ignition
20) Phace & Misanthrop – What’s Wrong

CD 2:
1) Rusko – Somebody To Love (Sigma Remix)
2) Rollz – The Music (Be Strong)
3) Friction – Led Astray
4) Wilkinson – Tonight
5) Cutline (feat. Belle Humble) – Runnin’ (Rollz Remix)
6) Netsky – Give & Take
7) Dimension – Children
8) Yasmin (feat. Shy Fx & Ms Dynamite) – Light Up (The World) (Benny Page Remix)
9) Crissy Criss – Let Go (D&B Rollers Mix)
10) Sigma & T-Phonic – Do You Love
11) High Contrast (feat. Selah Corbin) – The Agony & The Ecstacy
12) Dukebox (feat. KT Forrester) – Pressure (A.M.C, Mattix & Futile Remix)
13) Stanza – Colonel Vibenhoff
14) Sabre, Stray & Halogenix (feat. Frank Carter III) — Oblique
15) Stray & Halogenix – Rude Industry
16) Rockwell – Tripwire
17) Die & Break – Grand Funk Hustle
18) Sub Focus – Stomp
19) Mr Explicit – Dirty Bitch
20) Wickaman & RV – I Need You

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Rollz – The Music

Available to buy now from iTunes:
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Having already made an impressive debut with Cutline’s ‘Runnin’ ft. Belle Humble, Pilot Records continues to astound with yet another massive release. This time Pilot pulls in Rollz to drop an incredible four-track EP that will undoubtedly have bass music fans the world over queuing up to slide them into their sets or onto their iPods.

Having risen through the drum & bass ranks, Rollz has already caught the ear of Radio 1’s Zane Lowe and Annie Mac and has had his tracks thoroughly rinsed by every ‘big dog’ DJ on the D&B dubplate circuit. Here he offers four slices of musical experimentation that play with familiar formulas and turn them on their heads.

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Cutline – Runnin’ (ft. Belle Humble) (Rollz Remix)

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Released on Pilot Recordings.

With the slow and grinding dubstep symphony that is Cutline’s Runnin’, flanked on this hard-hitting EP by an extended version, a VIP mix and a firing drum & bass remix from acclaimed producer Rollz, Pilot’s first release is one colossal statement of intent. The spine-straightening vocals of vastly talented bass music vocalist du jour Belle Humble lift over powerfully mechanised bass stabs, dropping the track into a shower of trance synths for an otherworldly breakdown. The tightly controlled drama of this track, from the distorted pitch-shifted vocals to the drop’s grinding, apocalyptic intensity threatens that Runnin’ will be THE most dangerous bass-heavy track of 2011.

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