Meet Javier, the World Cup-crazy cardboard cut-out in Russia

Javier has been everywhere. He’s seen St Petersburg, Moscow and Rostov-on-Don, taken photos with other fans and visited stadiums and fanzones — all without leaving the comfort of his home…in Mexico. It’s all thanks to his group of friends, who brought a lifesize cardboard cut-out of him to Russia, as they take in the World Cup sights in a colourful, converted school bus.

World Cup: Fans react as Uruguay beat Saudi Arabia

Uruguay fans celebrate making it to the World Cup knockout stage following a 1-0 victory over Saudi Arabia in Group A’s second round of matches in Rostov-on-Don.

World Cup: Football fans arrive to see Uruguay face Saudi Arabia

Football fans arrive to see Uruguay face Saudi Arabia in Rostov-on-Don, in Group A’s second round of matches.

Foreign visitors flock to Rostov-on-Don during World Cup

Russia’s southern port city Rostov-on-Don may not be your typical tourist destination, but as one of the country’s 11 World Cup host cities, foreign visitors are flocking there in droves. Meanwhile, locals are making the most of the festive atmosphere alongside football fans from all around the world.

Brazil suffer first night nerves in Swiss stalemate

Coach Tite blames first night nerves after Brazil’s bid for a sixth World Cup got off to a rocky start as Switzerland withstands an early onslaught to snatch a 1-1 draw in Rostov-on-Don.

Russia Launches New Stealth Submarine

Russia has launched its new state-of-the-art Novorossiysk submarine, which set sail from a St Petersburg shipyard to become the first of six diesel-electric stealth subs delivered to the Russian Black Sea fleet in the next two years.

The Novorossiysk belongs to the Varshavyanka-class (Project 636), which is characterized by advanced stealth technology, making it virtually undetectable when submerged.

“Our potential opponents call it the ‘Black Hole’ due to the very low noise emission and visibility of the submarine,” Konstantin Tabachny, captain of the Novorossiysk, told Channel One TV. “To be undetectable is the main quality for a submarine. And this whole project really fits its purpose.”

The construction of the Novorossiysk at St Petersburg’s Admiralty Shipyards took over three years, beginning in August 2010.

Construction was also started on two other Varshavyanka-class vessels — the Rostov-on-Don sub in November 2011 and the Stary Oskol in August 2012.

Project-636 submarines are mainly intended for anti-shipping and anti-submarine missions in relatively shallow waters.

Armed with 18 torpedoes and eight surface-to-air missiles, they have an extended combat range and can strike land, surface and underwater targets.

The Novorossiysk and other subs of its class can reach a speed of 20 knots (37 kilometers per hour).

With a cruising range of 400 miles on electric propulsion and max submission of 300 meters, the vessels have the ability to patrol for up to 45 days with a crew of 52 people onboard.

The Varshavyanka-class subs will be tasked with patrolling Russia’s maritime borders and protecting Black Sea coastal territories.

The Novorossiysk will be deployed in its namesake port of Novorossiysk, on the Black Sea.

The sub will make the two-month journey to its home port under its own power, said Rear Admiral Victor Bursuk, the deputy commander of the Russian Navy.