Italian ex-militant extradited and jailed after decades on run

Former communist militant Cesare Battisti, wanted in Italy for four murders in the 1970s, arrives in Rome after an international police squad tracked him down and arrested him in Bolivia.

Fugitive Italian ex-militant Battisti arrives in Rome

Extradited former Italian communist militant Cesare Battisti arrives at the Rome airport after an international police squad tracked him down and arrested him in Bolivia. Jailed in 1979 for belonging to an armed revolutionary group outlawed in Italy, Battisti escaped from prison two years later, and has spent nearly four decades on the run. IMAGES

Picture of Cesare Battisti after he was arrested in Bolivia

Former Italian communist militant Cesare Battisti, sought by Rome for four murders in the 1970s, has been arrested after an international police squad tracked him down on the run in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and will be extradited to Rome “in the coming hours”, the Italian government says. IMAGES of a picture of Battisti after his arrest

Moschino channels Fellini

(9 Jan 2019) At his first show in Rome, Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott says that he wanted to pay homage to the film’s of Italian director Federico Fellini. (Jan. 9)

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Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini gathers Italian football officials in Rome to take action to combat racism and violence in stadiums. IMAGES

Traditional New Year jump into the Tiber in Rome

A group of four men take the plunge into the Tiber river in Rome, leaping from the Cavour Bridge to celebrate the New Year, in a tradition that goes back to 1946.

Protests in Rome against 2019 budget ahead of confidence vote

Supporters of the Italian Democratic Party (PD) protest in Rome against a revised 2019 budget which the country’s populist government is racing to get through parliament before the year end, despite complaints it was written by Brussels and being rammed through without debate.

EU and Italy reach deal on disputed 2019 budget: commissioner

The EU announces it has reached a deal with Italy’s populist government after a bitter row over Rome’s disputed 2019 budget, following “intensive negotiations”. SOUNDBITE