VICE News Daily: Lebanon’s Garbage Protests Turn Violent

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Donetsk residents rally in support of pro-Russia rebels, Lebanon’s garbage protests turn violent, Kenya considers fertility treatment for endangered rhinos, and Philadelphia prison inmates are hand-carving a gift for the pope.

Donetsk Residents Rally Support For Separatists
Dozens came out with flags and banners in favor of the pro-Russia rebels, as Ukraine marks Independence Day.

Demonstrations Continue Over Waste Management Crisis
At least one person died and dozens were wounded in violent clashes with police.

Rhino Conservancy Seeks Funding For Fertility Treatments
Three females and one male remain alive in the world, but none are capable of natural reproduction.

Philadelphia Inmates Build Chair For Pope Francis
The inmates plan to give it as a gift during the pontiff’s two-day visit to the city next month.

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