Ill Truth – 26 (Lockjaw Remix)

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LIFESTYLE MUSIC return from their trip down under and the much-acclaimed ‘Australian Connection’ LP, with the first retrospective release in the long span of their consistent quest to unearth fresh sonics. LIFESTYLE REMIXED PART 1 sees pivotal Lifestyle tracks from SIGNAL, ILL TRUTH, ARKITECH and REVAUX remixed by VORSO, LOCKJAW, REVEAUX and ARKITECH respectively.

Moving in the opposite direction, Lockjaw lifts Ill Truth’s ’26’ from the depths and into the minimalist’s corner of the jump-up realm, issuing some nasty squelch dripping with debauched technology. Lifestyle Music continue to display a refined taste for exquisitely created forms of drum & bass, providing a true platform to nurture creativity within the genre.

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