Romans fly flags and sing ‘Bella Ciao’ from windows to mark Liberation Day | AFP

Residents of a building in Rome wave Italian flags and sing along to ‘Bella Ciao’ to celebrate Liberation Day. The national Italian holiday commemorate the end of Nazi occupation during World War II and the victory of the Resistance in Italy. IMAGES

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Egerton ditches ‘whiny’ voice for ‘The Dark Crystal’

Speaking at Comic-Con, actor Taron Egerton jokes about adapting his voice for “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” to make it less “whiny.” (July 22)

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Hospital Podcast 393 with London Elektricity

As the Hospital Records team start gearing up for the beach, London Elektricity takes time to show off some of the gems from the recently released HOTB2019 compilation, along with some fresh dubs from the extended family!

Etherwood – Driving Out
Bop x Subwave – Take It Off
Camo & Krooked – Loa
Hugh Hardie & Unglued – Resistance
Inja x Whiney – She Just Wanna Dance (Kyrist Remix)
Fred V – Cosmic Flowchart
S.P.Y – Don’t You Leave Me (Dead Man’s Chest Remix)
Grafix – Radiance
Lewis James – Response
Chris Inperspective – Call The Future
Lakeway – Shimmering
Neve – Skirts
Culture Shock – There For You (Breakage Remix)
Halogenix – Out Of Line (ft. SOLAH)

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STFU Donny 003

Donny featuring Katharsys, Sinister Souls & Forbidden Society – Bad Human EP forthcoming next month on Crash Pang Wallop.


01. Donny & Katharsys – Wraith (Forbidden Society Remix) (Crash Pang Wallop)
02. Current Value – Eager Fight A.M.C Remix (Titan)
03. High Rankin – Active Shooter Event (PRSPCT)
04. Merikan – Superficial Extent (PRSPCT)
05. Donny & Sinister Souls – Kill The Right People (Crash Pang Wallop)
06. Akov – Shak Out (C4C)
07. Fragz – All Systems (Algorythm)
08. Donny – In a Dream (Crash Pang Wallop)
09. Traimer & Nagato – Bastards (Yellow Stripe)
Donny – The Resistance (Algorythm)
10. Maniatics – The Script (Titan)
11. Counterstrike, Dub Elements & Thrasher – Renegades (PRSPCT)
12. Fragz & Merikan – Hard Knocks (PRSPCT)
13. Forbidden Society – Sellout (Counterstrike Remix) (Forbidden Society)
14. Black Sun Empire – Crash Drive (Aggressor Bunx Remix) (Blackout Music)
15. Sinister Souls & Pythius – Ultimatum (PRSPCT)
16. Traimer & Nagato – Fairy Tales (PRSPCT LTD)
17. Fragz & Counterstrike – Inhale (Algorythm)
18. Katharsys – Darken (Yellow Stripe)
19. Merikan – Infobesity (Blackout Music)
20. Forbidden Society – Street Justice (The Clamps Remix) (Forbidden Society)
21. Akov – Growing Pains (C4C)
22. Merikan – You’re a Sick-O (PRSPCT)
23. Neonlight – Project Flare (Pythius Remix) (Blackout Music)
24. Donny – Your World (Katharsys Remix) (Crash Pang Wallop)
25. Merikan – Counter-Insurgency (Methlab)
26. Forbidden Society – BWM (Donny Remix) (Forbidden Society Recordings)
27. High Rankin – Bow or Burn (PRSPCT)
28. Merikan – One Man’s Hell Is Another Man’s Paradise (PRSPCT)
29. Donny – Bad Human (Crash Pang Wallop)

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Ferguson Election & Russia Protests: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the full episode from April 3, 2017, of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

Nearly a thousand people were detained during a week of mass anti-corruption protests in Russia last week, we went to Moscow to meet a family being reunited. Plus, a report on Ferguson’s first mayoral election since the shooting death of Michael Brown. And, an acclaimed new video game allows players to become anything – and everything – in our interconnected universe. Dexter Thomas plays the video game with creator David O’Reilly. Also, April Fools in the era of fake news.

Read: “The progressive Resistance took down Trumpcare. Now what?” –

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Donny – The Resistance [Algorythm Recordings]

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NickBee – Resistance

Guys, right off the bat I need to say – thank you so much for contributing to my most recent YouTube milestone of 1,000 subscribers. I appreciate the viewership and I am happy to continue catering too you’s. The neurofunk community is very good at using the YouTube comment section too, I don’t think I would be as motivated if it wasn’t for the awesome fan base being so vocal. Love you guys. Today’s upload is something that for some silly reason is not already on this site. “Resistance” was released to the world ten days ago on a double sided, double sided Ignescent (RU) single called “Ignescent 003” (2016). The Ukrainian production and mastering service genius NickBee is showing nothing but growth on this incredible joint and I am really excited to be showing this to you guys at the moment. Go give NickBee a follow on SoundCloud, please.

Weapons Grade is a channel for uploading only the most forward thinking and stomping underground neurofunk. I will try my best to promote only the truly under-appreciated tunes that go lesser heard. Uploads will be frequent. Every track featured here has been purchased from the respective label, and is in 320 kbps (MP3) quality before upload. All artwork in every video is from unless otherwise stated! I won’t feature any track on this channel that isn’t advanced neurofunk and I will never monetize a video. This channel is purely for your entertainment and discovery, and for my hobby. I hope you guys enjoy thoroughly!

If there is a problem with any of the tracks uploaded, please consult with me by my email (found on my channel under “For business enquiries”). I will take necessary measures to make content owners satisfied with the state of their track, whether it be on the channel or not. If you wish to submit a track for possible upload, please send it to me via the same email.

Minor Rain – Hydra

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Forthcoming as part of ‘The Resistance’ EP on Addictive Behaviour!


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