Bad District – Empathy

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BAD TASTE RECORDINGS continue with an artful streak of precise releases from emerging artists, following up the introduction of an array of talented fresh names with the exquisitely pointed BLUFF EP from Eastern production crew BAD DISTRICT. Already spotted by dnb heroes Evol Intent with a release on their label and picked up by Noisia who played the biomechanical REPULSOR on their radio show, Bad District have turned ears in high places from the get go.

The BLUFF EP has its roots firmly between the lush and the insanely heavy, with each track carrying a truly distinct flavor which demonstrates Bad District’s dynamic creative energy. With the yearning shimmering sci-fi aesthetic of EMPATHY, travelling through the tech-funk of RUN and abrasiveness of BLUFF to the halfstep tearout hybrid BRAND NEW ID, this release wears its multiple influences as a badge of honour.

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Noisia Radio S02E29

This week: a brand new Noisia track at 140 bats per minute: Voodoo. And more bats of course, exclusive new bats, a throwback from Hybris, and fresh bats from soundcloud.

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Noisia – Voodoo [VISION]
Segment & Concept Vision – Barrier (Ft. Signal) [MAJOR LEAGUE]
Kyra – Gunz [RENRAKU]
Leaf – Monsoon [SERIAL KILLAZ]
Malux – Powercube [TRENDKILL]
Kolectiv – Prozen [DISPATCH]
Tsuruda – Litenade [DIRT FIRST]
Ceph & Lowriderz – Interplanetary Experiments [DUB]
Current Value – Impact [INVISIBLE]
Davip – Strange Sounds [DUB]
Hydro + War – Virtuality [HORIZONS]
dBridge vs Skeptical – No Discipline [EXIT]
Bad District – Repulsor [BAD TASTE]
Mark Instinct x Crimes – Bakka [DUB]
Noisia & The Upbeats – Creep Out [NON VOGUE]
Hybris – Garbage Truck [INVISIBLE]
Question Time!
Opgezwolle – Dip Saus [TOPNOTCH]
Technical Itch ft. Mc Jakes – Critical Switch (Infiltrata & Hochi Remix) [TECH ITCH]
Tipper – Cycleswithincycleswithin [TIPPERMUSIC]