Stretch Van Feels Like A Private Jet

Klassen is a German tuning company that builds deluxe stretch vehicles. Many of their available cars are expanded by over a full meter. Each vehicle’s private cabin is adorned with everything one needs for luxury traveling.

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Narrator: German aftermarket supplier Klassen builds only what can be described as private jets on wheels. The company takes premium vehicles and turns them into deluxe stretch limousines that cater to the demands of the most high-level clients. This rendering illustrates just how far the company lengthens factory vehicles in order to provide the space and comfort their customers desire. This Mercedes-Benz stretch V-Class van is a prime example. Inside passengers will find a huge flat-screen monitor with built-in PlayStation 4 and multimedia system, automatic folding tables, Champagne flutes, a coffee maker, a humidor, a biometric safe for your valuables, and more. In addition, everything from the interior lighting to the cabinets can be controlled remotely via iPad.

Klassen’s COO Samuel Klassen describes just what goes into designing these tricked-out vehicles.

Samuel Klassen: Typically the time to build a van takes approximately 3 to 4 months. It depends which options the customer would like to have. Sometimes we have requests from customers to install a toilet, special multimedia systems, or extra controls. Sometimes they want to have the whole interior covered by special leather. We also have in our product range stretch cars and armored vehicles. Time to build a car like this can take approximately as one year.

Narrator: As luxurious as Klassen’s stretch V-Class is, it may not even be the most impressive offering in the company’s extensive catalog which includes a stretch Mercedes-Maybach sedan and a Range Rover over 1 meter longer than its production model.

Samuel: The most expensive vehicle we build for now is the Range Rover Autobiography. We stretch it by 1 meter, make it armored, and add many options that make for comfortable travel and luxury. And the price of this car is more than €1 million.

Narrator: Klassen isn’t done adding to its arsenal just yet. On the way is a stretch Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV equipped with all new technology from the luxury tuner.

Samuel: We are still working on it. So we will stretch it by 1 meter and make it armored. And also, we will install our new technology that we have already developed so that the interior will be controlled by voice control.

Narrator: So who can afford such an elaborately customized car? Let’s just say it’s not your average car shopper.

Samuel: So we cannot talk about our customers’ names, but our customers are presidents, famous people, and big business people listed on the Forbes list.

By driving our stretch vehicles, or any car from Klassen, customers have the feeling that they are traveling in a private jet or sitting in their living room.

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Stretch Van Feels Like A Private Jet

The 2017 Land Rover​ Discovery is a luxury ride with some nifty features

In an auto market with an insatiable appetite for SUVs, Land Rover is a brand uniquely positioned for success. Its growing lineup of luxury SUVs allows Land Rover to touch everything from the high end of the mass market with the Discovery Sport to the rarefied air of the ultra-premium market with the Range Rover Autobiography.

And boy, have they capitalized. Since 2014, Land Rover’s annual US sales have surged more than 40% from 51,000 vehicles to more than 73,000 in 2016.

At the heart of Land Rover’s lineup is the trusty Discovery SUV. Since 1989, the mid-size Disco, as it is commonly called, has delivered traditional Land Rover utility with a dose of Range Rover civility at a price point within reach of the middle class.

For 2017, Land Rover debuted the all-new fifth generation model, the first complete overhaul of the Discovery in more than a decade. And the first new Discovery under the ownership of India’s TATA Group who have reinvigorated Land Rover and sister brand Jaguar since taking over in 2008.

Recently, Land Rover dropped off a 2017 Discovery HSE Luxury in a chic silicon silver paint job. The Discovery starts at $49,990 while our high-spec HSE Luxury test car starts at $63,950. With options, our test car left the showroom at $64,945.

The new 2017 Land Rover Discovery is powered by a 3-liter, supercharged V-6 engine. It has 340 horsepower and a 130mph top speed. It can also seat 7.

Some of the coolest features come on the inside. The infotainment system is controlled with a 10-inch touch screen. It also has a Meridian high-quality audio system and comes with rear media control. There’s a hidden cooler in the console.

A wristband will let you unlock the car if you’ve forgotten your keys. Plus, you can operate the tailgate with your foot, hands-free!


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