French pro-bear activists protest after bear found dead | AFP

‘We are the teddy bears, they are the bad guys’: several dozen people gather in front of a local government office in Ariège, southern France, to pay tribute to a bear killed in the Pyrenees. The protest had initially been banned to prevent potential clashes with local shepherds. IMAGES

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Taste of the Tour: Dessert in the Pyrenees

It’s a Tour de France dilemma: When you’ve found a gem of a hotel along the race route, should you stingily keep the precious address to yourself? (July 21)

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French farmers try to prevent release of bears in Pyrenees

French farmers in Sarrance (Pyrenees-Atlantiques) staged a blockade of the main road leading to the valley where two Slovenian bears are to be released following a controversial decision by the Ministry of Ecology to reintroduce them to the region. They stopped and searched vehicles large enough to carry the animals.