Belgrade gives Putin a rousing welcome

Tens of thousands of Serbs march through Belgrade in a welcome parade for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is in the capital on a state visit.

Serbia rolls out red carpet for Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a welcoming ceremony in front of the Palace of Serbia in Belgrade as he kicks of his state visit to the country. IMAGES

Putin holds talks with Serbia President Vucic in Belgrade

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds talks with his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade during a state visit to Serbia. IMAGES of meeting between Putin and Vucic

Putin lands in Belgrade with a rockstar reception

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Belgrade for a State visit. Putin’s visit has generated a lot of support in Belgrade which has prepared a parade in his honour that will weave through Belgrade and culminate at the massive Saint Sava church, one of Orthodox Christianity’s largest houses of worship. IMAGES of Putin’s arrival at the Belgrade airport

Putin fires howitzer on Russian Orthodox Christmas

(7 Jan 2019) For Christmas, Russian President Vladimir Putin got to do something that many children dream of: fire a really big gun. (Jan. 7)

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