Enter The Grid Promo Mix 008 by KUNG

Enter The Grid is a booking agency and a sequence of Neurofunk Drum’n’Bass events created by the youtube promoter NeurofunkGrid and Kosen Production.

» KUNG [PROGRAM, Eatbrain, Critical] – SP
» MEAN TEETH [NFG, Bad Taste, Renegade Hardware]
» THE CLAMPS [Blackout, Trendkill, Kosen] – FR
» TOBAX [Impact, Titan] – RU
» NICKBEE [Shogun, Invisible, Dispatch, Eatbrain, Bad Taste] – UKR
» VOLATILE CYCLE [Invisible, Renegade Hardware, Nfg] – UK
» IMPAK [C4C Recs, Red Light, NeurofunkGrid] – SP
» BARBARIX [RAM Records, Inspected, Trendkill] – UK
» CRUK [Critical, Dispatch, Blackout, Titan] – UK
» LOCKJAW [Invisible, Dispatch, Rise Audio] – AUS
» SHYUN [Critical, NeurofunkGrid, Kill Tomorrow] – UK
» REDJECT [Blackout Music, Mindtech, Disturbed] – FR
» KHRONOS [Blackout Music, NeurofunkGrid] – NL
» MANIATICS [Titan Records, Kosen Production] – ES
» TRIAMER & NAGATO [PRSPCT, Kosen Production] – RU
» INNATE MC [Titan Records, Proximity Recordings] – NL

Booking enquiries : booking[at]enterthegrid.eu
More infos : www.enterthegrid.eu

Juan Jose Diaz-known in the world of music as KUNG, is a Drum and Bass producer born in Granada (Spain). Kung’s first releases were in Ammunition Recs and Melting Pot. Soon he joined Citrus Recordings where he started to get some attention from the scene. Having performed in clubs around Spain in 2012 he moved to London and currently he ́s got releases in labels such as ProgRam, Critical and Eatbrain to name a few and begin supported by some big names like Noisia and Dj Hype amongst others. He ́s part of the Enter the Grid booking and he has played in several UK cities and all across Europe sharing line ups with artists such Calyx & Teebee, Break, Jade, Optical to name a few. The story continues…

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fraGz! – Infiltrate

I never thought I would see the day where I upload a fraGz! track but this one is too good to pass up. Not that this dude’s tunes are bad, because they are quite the opposite, but his style is usually a lot more hardcore and a lot closer to Crossbreed / Gabber (think of Yellow Stripe, PRSPCT, Position Chrome and so on). “Infiltrate” is possibly one of the most groovy tech Drum & Bass tunes I have ever heard, and it’s on a free compilation LP on Nocid Business called “State of Mentality” (2013).

Weapons Grade is a channel for uploading only the most forward thinking and stomping underground Neurofunk. I will try my best to promote only the truly under-appreciated tunes that go lesser heard. Uploads will probably be daily, or possibly even more frequently. Every track featured here has been purchased from the respective label, and is in 320 kbps (MP3) quality before upload. All artwork in every video is from http://www.wallhaven.cc/ unless otherwise stated! I won’t feature any track on this channel that isn’t advanced Neurofunk and I will never monetize a video. This channel is purely for your entertainment and discovery, and for my hobby. I hope you guys enjoy thoroughly!

If there is a problem with any of the tracks uploaded, please consult at me at my email (found on my channel under “For business enquiries”). I will take necessary measures to make content owners satisfied with the state of their track, whether it be on the channel or not. If you wish to submit a track for possible upload, please send it to me via the same email.

Sinister Souls vs Gein vs Bratkilla – Parasite Bandit

3 heavyweights coming together to bring you all something special, forthcoming on PRSPCT recordings soon on Sinister Souls’ EP, strap in.

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