VICE News Daily: Thousands of Pro-Houthi Supporters Stage Massive Rally

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: thousands of pro-Houthi supporters in Sanaa staged a massive rally hours before UN-backed peace talks began, tough immigration controls in France are causing migrants to amass on the border with Italy, protesters in Hong Kong demanded lawmakers vote down election reform measures backed by Beijing, and locally produced cement in Gaza helps alleviate shortages of construction materials.

Pro-Houthi Supporters Stage Mass Demonstration
Thousands of protesters denounced two months of Saudi-led airstrikes

Migrants Amass on French Border
French authorities blocked the border crossing with Italy due to an influx of migrants.

Thousands Rally Against Beijing-backed Reforms
Protesters want lawmakers to vote against election reforms proposed by politicians in Beijing.

Engineer Develops Israeli Cement Alternative
The cement is produced using locally available materials and will help alleviate a severe shortage in construction equipment.

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