Trump: Not responsible for 50K deaths, Post office

President Donald Trump says he doesn’t take any responsibility for the 50,000 deaths in the U.S. due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also says he won’t bail out the Postal Service if they don’t raise their prices. (April 24)

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Bernie Sanders Has A Plan To Save The Postal Service (HBO)

President Trump has made the mail big news. After a Twitter rant about the Washington Post, Trump launched a presidential commission to look at the finances of the US Postal Service — and the deals it cuts with companies like Amazon, the brand non-newspaper brand owned by Jeff Bezos.

Bernie Sanders has been waiting for this moment. For years he’s said Congress needs to take a fresh look at the USPS. His plan: create new revenue for the struggling post office by turning it into a bank.

VICE News sat with Sanders for a long chat about the mail.

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