Chook ft. Monophona – The Thread [Full Force Recordings]

Chook is back after a 4-year sabbatical from drum ‘n’ bass. Those who were around to witness his output during the mid to late 2000’s know just how cutting-edge his sound was and still is today. Chook has been busy producing his live band Monophona, who could be stylistically described as a modern day Portishead fused with techno and trip hop beats, as well as live instrumentation and morphed out bass lines.
“The Thread” kicks off with epic pads and features the haunting and spine-tingling vocal talents of Monophona’s Caludine Muno. Contorted FX layers weave their way in and out of this pristine vox line in complementary fashion, impactfully adding depth and intensity to the intro. Massive drums thrash away atop a highly modulated and turbulently grooving bass line at the drop. Subtle stab and midrange elements contribute progression and harmoniously glorify this incredibly catchy groove until the breakdown arrives, where filtered mids accompany the vocal line leading up to the second drop. As expected, Chook has delivered an absolute monster of a comeback tune… one that gets stuck in your head and one that you will surely be reaching for in months and years to come.

Release Date: Monday October 26th

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