Planet Earth turning into Mars: Red sand storm hits New South Wales

The sky turned radin the outskirts of Hillston on February 6, as a dust storm swept across the southeastern Australian state of New South Wales (NSW). The cause of the Mars-like conditions were reportedly strong winds which picked up dust from the ground and blew it around. Health officials urged locals to stay indoors.


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Danny Byrd Rave Digger – Track By Track

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Danny Byrd goes through his Rave Digger album track by track, letting you in on some of the thought processes behind the music.

Danny Byrd is back once again! Having smashed up dancefloors and radio playlists with his huge rave rework of Liquid’s “Sweet Harmony” earlier this year he returns with one of the biggest and most hotly anticipated dance albums of the year. “Rave Digger” is a non-stop helter-skelter ride of hands- in-the-air pianos, breakneck breakbeats and searing mentasm synths. Featuring the vocal dexterity of I-Kay, on a classic 90s hook, “Ill Behaviour” gets you right from the word go; and is a fitting statement of intent for a project which looks set to put a rocket up the backside of UK dance music.

“Judgement Day” sees I-Kay in a more forceful mood – picking up where last years playlist contender Red Mist left off, before D+B’s newest superstar Netsky joins Danny on “Tonight”, for some spine-tingling synth-fuelled mayhem.

Hot Fuzz comes like an entire weekend rolled into one tune before things ease down to 140bpm for “We Can Have It All”; a timeless slice of euphoric breakbeat soul. There are more laid back moments, from the beautiful “Failsafe” featuring London Elektricity, to Zarif’s soul tinged vocals on “Wait for Me” and the classic jungle homage “Amen Alley”, all interspersed with more rave madness than you can shake a glowstick at.

Debuted exclusively by Radio One’s Annie Mac and jumped on early by Mistajam and Zane Lowe, this is drum + bass with maximum crossover appeal. From diehard D+B fans who have been there since the good old days, to a whole new generation of ravers lining the dancefloors at Hospitality and beyond, this is music without boundaries.

1 Ill Behaviour (featuring I-Kay)
2 Judgement Day (featuring Cyantific & I-Kay)
3 Tonight (featuring Netsky)
4 Rave TV1
5 Hot Fuzz (featuring Tomahawk)
6 We Can Have It All
7 Failsafe (featuring London Elektricity)
8 Sweet Harmony (featuring Liquid)
9 Rave TV2
10 Planet Earth
11 Quantum Leap (featuring Terri Pace)
12 Wait For Me (featuring Zarif)
13 Amen Alley
Hospital Shop =