Pink Salad beach trashed in 1 year: Before and after

The ‘Pink Salad’ beach located in the #Komodo National Park is a regular tourist attraction. It’s especially loved by many Instagram couples for the unique photos that can be taken there. Maria Fe and Jake Snow are one such couple. Having traveled the world together for years, they’ve visited the Pink Beach in 2018 and fell in love with its pristine beauty. They returned to the same exact spot one year later, only to find their favorite beach in a depressing state.

The entire beach was littered with plastic items and debris, which regularly wash up on the shore. To bring attention to the matter, they’ve repeated the photo they took a year ago, except this time, the once pink beach was covered in garbage. In their Instagram post, they’ve urged other popular Instagram influencers to stop editing out all the trash, and instead the show the real picture. ‘Photoshopping the rubbish out won’t fix the problem, showing the reality of what’s going on will,’ they wrote. Currently, ‘Pink Salad’ beach is just one of seven remaining pink beaches on the planet and at this rate, the other 6 could be facing a similar fate.


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