Dub Phizix – Spot Light

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The last Metalheadz release of 2016 comes courtesy of Dub Phizix. The last time he graced the label was in 2014 with Skeptical on the Platinum Breakz 4 compilation with the sublime ‘Deeper Love’.

The much-requested tracks, Spot Light and Rotate, fit the Headz vibe perfectly whilst retaining what you would expect of a Dub Phizix release and it’s a pleasure to be releasing them on the label, capping off a great year for all involved!

Dub Phizix:




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Noisia Radio S02E30

This week in Noisia Radio we have Phace within our midst answering questions and selecting music, a brand new track from The Upbeats and our weekly selection of new beats and dnb.
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The Upbeats – Mediums [VISION]
Eprom – Samurai [DUB]
Teddy Killerz & June Miller – Outer Space [RAM]
Signal – Basilisk [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Moody Good – Satoshi Nakamoto [SOUNDCLOUD]
Benny L – In The Groove [MAYAN]
Signs – Groove Propulsion [KOSENPROD]
Phazz – Caution [20/20]
Zotti – Ugh [BANDCAMP]
Rakoon – Phantom [PARADISE LOST]
Disphonia – Energy [RED LIGHT]
Distinct Motive – 40hz [DEEP DARK & DANGEROUS]
Dub Phizix – Hooligan Plague [BANDCAMP]
Kije – Connect [CRITICAL BINARY]
Monty – Brighten Up Monty [CRITICAL BINARY]
Grey Code – Making Marks [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Question Time!
noisia + phace – close Second (final) 320.mp3
Neosignal – Machine [DIVISION]
Phace – Brainwave [SUBTITLES]
Tennyson – Like What [BANDCAMP]
Jamie XX – Gosh [YOUNG TURKS]

Noisia Radio S01E23

To celebrate the release of Xtrah’s “Gravitas EP” on Invisible Recordings, he’s taken over 30 minutes of this week’s episode. We also have a brand new Camo & Krooked remix of Zedd’s “True Colors”.

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Zedd – True colors (Camo & Krooked Remix) Instrumental [INTERSCOPE]
Bentz – Powdr [NEST HQ]
Urbandawn – Pavlov’s Dog [HOSPITAL]
Ivy Lab – Microwave [20/20]
Amoss – Fear [HORIZONS]

Xtrah Guest Mix
Dub Phizix – Gaana [DUB]
Phace & Noisia – Drawback [CRITICAL]
Mefjus – Blitz [CRITICAL]
Brain Crisis – Defender [SUBTITLES]
Icicle & Safire – Suction Cap [PLASMA AUDIO]
Safra – Body Count [DUB]
Xtrah & Noisia – Gravitas [INVISIBLE]
Agressor Bunx – Tommy Gun [BLACKOUT]
Culture Shock – Tangent [RAM]
Phentix – Hoax [CyberFunk]
Signal – Enair [DUB]
Current Value – Air Shift [CYBERFUNK]
Xtrah & Noisia – Up To Something [INVISIBLE]
Skeptical – Loophole [EXIT]
Enei – Bad Proof [CRITICAL]
Alix Perez – Reflect [EXIT]
Goldie – Broken Man (Halogenix Remix) [METALHEADZ]
Kemal & Rob Data – Roadblock [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
Xtrah – What Would You Do? [INVISIBLE]
Xtrah – Compulsive [INVISIBLE]
Decimal Bass – Work For Nothing [PLAYAZ]
Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero [INVISIBLE]
DLR – Ask The Question [DISPATCH]
Xtrah & Mefjus – Matriarch [CYBERFUNK]
Ed Rush & Optical – Fixation [VIRUS]

Markee Ledge – Make Your Move (Dubspeeka Remix) [KOSHEEN]
Skynet – Mind Eraser [FULL FORCE]
Photek – Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu (Two Sword Technique) [SCIENCE]
never been to mars.mp3
Tennyson – L’oiseau Qui Danse [SOUNDCLOUD]

Hospital Podcast 254 With London Elektricity

London Elektricity returns with new music from Reso, Keeno, Etherwood and Sunchase!


Star Trek theme
Reso ‘Taiga’
Krakota ‘Ghosts’
Anile ‘Losing My Mind’
Krakota ‘Ice Hands’
Sunchase ‘Think Of’
Lynx ‘Hurting’ (feat. Master X)
Dub Phizix ‘Rainy City’
Roy Green & Protone ‘Deep Inside’
Sunny Crimea & Indentified ‘Everything Fades’
Blu Mar Ten ‘Famous Lost Words’ (Kimyan Law remix)
Reso ‘Ricochet’
Keeno ‘One More Moment’ (feat. Cepasa)
London Elektricity ‘To Be Me’
Electrosoul System ‘Grad’ (Dissident & Kontext remix)
Baikal ‘Race To Space’
Etherwood ‘You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me’
Royalston ‘Morning Girl’
Sunchase ‘Thing’ (feat. Electrosoul System)
1 Direction ‘Steal My Girl’ (Reso’s Sound Clash remix)

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The Hospital Records Christmas Podcast 2014

Here it is: The Hospital Christmas Podcast! Pour an eggnog (or a Tatra Tea), sit back and enjoy! Happy Christmas from Tony and everyone at Hospital Records!


Deadmau5 “Avaritia” (Dimension bootleg)
Gorgon City “Ready For Your Love” (Etherwood remix)
Zinc “Show Me” (Calibre remix)
Keeno “Break The Silence”
Royalston “Kronos”
Noisia & Prolix “Asteroids”
Rockwell “IneedU
Ulterior Motive “Tape Pack”
Tokyo Prose “Kidman”
Nu:Tone “Back 2 U”
Urbandawn “Words To Say”
Krakota “Xylo”
Bop “Spiral”
Technimatic “Perseverance”
Fred V & Grafix “Major Happy” (Frederic Robinson remix)
S.P.Y “Perth Sunset”
Lana Del Rey “West Coast” (Camo & Krooked remix)
Dub Phizix “Buffalo”
S.P.Y “Dusty Fingers” (feat. Diane Charlemagne)
Logistics “As Sure As Sunrise” (feat, Hugh Hardie)
Nu:Tone “Tides” (feat. Lea Lea)

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Dub Phizix – The Clock Ticks

BUY: http://bit.ly/CRITLP06_digital

Buy on Vinyl – http://bit.ly/CRITLP06PT1

Kicking off 2014 in the most spectacular fashion, Critical Music enters its 12th year with the its biggest artist compilation to date. Painstakingly put together by label boss Kasra over the past year, ‘Underground Sonics’ is an exciting overview of modern day drum & bass, showcasing the true dexterity of one of the most well regarded, independent electronic music labels in the UK today. Kasra has pulled out all the stops, sifting through his phone book to enlist the talents of some of the biggest and most exciting producers in the game.Noisia, Dub Phizix, Enei, Phace, Sam Binga and Kasra himself all make sterling contributions that make for an album of the best of Underground Sonic expression.




WEBSITE: http://www.skankandbass.com/

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/shank.and.bass
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/skankandbass
SOUNDCLOUD: http://soundcloud.com/skankandbass

Hospital Podcast 176 LIVE! With London Elektricity

Download via iTunes = http://www.hospitalrecords.com/broadcast/

1. Joe Syntax – Bassline Stinker
2. The Prototypes – Pandora
3. Halogenix – Reya
4. Netsky – Drawing Straws
5. Craggz & Parallel – Belong
6. LSB- All of My Love (Technicolour & Komatic Remix)
7. Netsky – Love Has Gone
8. Fracture – Get Busy
9. Calibre – Second Sun
10. Savage Rehab – The Drums
11. Dub Phizix – Lastic feat Skeptical
12. Cyantific & Kasra – Minerva
13. Joe Syntax – Modus Bass Fun
14. Blu Mar Ten – All Or Nothing – Ad Gannon Remix
15. Random Movement & JB – Lost In Lagardia
16. Spectrasoul – Away With Me – Calibre Remix
17. Calyx & Teebee – Stepping Stones

Hospital Podcast 176 will be streamed via YouTube live direct from Hospital HQ.
Tune in from 16:00 (BST) Tuesday 12th June for London Elektricity presenting the podcast live!
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